Finnish Online Toy Store

The most comprehensive toy store on the internet is selling the toys of your dreams, with an incredible 365 day return policy. Find toys for girls and boys as well as children’s games.

My name is Emma Laine and I’m a Finnish mother. Nowadays busy mothers of which many are my good friends buy their toys online. Reasons are many of which most important is good availability and convenience. On top of daily chores, shopping with kids can become extremely tiring and that’s why it’s increasingly popular to order children’s toys from the internet.

However shopping online is still often connected with prejudice and worries of quality and what to do if the product is not satisfactory. It’s good to remember when purchasing online, that consumers have the same rights and regulations that protect the consumer as when buying from a regular shop. Furthermore online shops have less need for employees which is why they are able to provide benefits that regular shops might not be able to.

A good example is the BR-Lelut (BR-Toys) store which has a year long return and exchange policy, only available through products purchased directly from their website. Therefore you can do your shopping carefree which is also why customers are often more satisfied than usual. We believe that playing is an important part in the growth of a child and the internet has revolutionised toy purchases on a whole new level.

We regret that the shop is only in the Finnish language but you are welcome to browse the site and make safe purchases within Finland. The variety of amazing toys is one of the biggest there is, so hop on to experience the wonders of the toys of your dreams!

Thank you for your visit,

Emma Laine